History Minor Degree Checklist

All minors must complete a minimum of 28 graded credits in history courses. The following checklist is intended for planning purposes only, so that you can keep a record of your progress toward your degree. However, this checklist is not an official document. We urge you to make regular visits to your faculty advisor and peer advisors to discuss major requirements, your own program coursework, etc.

If there is a discrepancy between your Degree Audit in Duckweb and what you think you've taken, please see the undergraduate History Advisor.

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Lower division
A maximum of 4 graded credits in lower-division history courses (100 and 200-level courses) can be accepted toward your degree. A transfer course, AP, or IB credits, can be accepted, but please leave the "grade" field blank.
Upper division
All minors must complete a minimum of 24 graded credits in upper-division history courses (this usually amounts to 6 courses). Twelve (12) of these graded credits must be completed in 400-level courses. Upper division (300 and 400 level) transfer credits can be accepted, but please leave the "grade" field for such courses blank.
300 level
400 level
Upper-Division History Before 1800 Requirement
At least 4 upper-divison credits must be completed in History before 1800 courses. A list of qualified classes may be found in the "Courses" section of the departmental website.
Upper-Division Non-US/Europe Requirement
You must complete at least 4 upper-division credits in a Non-US/Europe course, selected from the three areas below. Course(s) taken to fulfill the history before 1800 requirement may simultaneously be counted for the Non-US/Europe requirement.
Africa / Middle East
Latin America
Summary of Graded Credits